How To Fix Xfce4-Panel Crashes In Manjaro Linux

What is the Cause?

XFCE Panel is crashing because: a running application is uses a font type in its title, since this type font (normally ttf and especiallyttf-droid) is not installed the panel crushes.


To fix this we need to install ttf-droid font. It is available in the main repo.

To install, Open Terminal and run the commands below:

sudo pacman -S ttf-droid
[sudo] pcwuyu 的密码:

软件包 (1) ttf-droid-20121017-4

下载大小:    3.53 MiB
全部安装大小:  15.31 MiB
净更新大小:   0.00 MiB

:: 进行安装吗? [Y/n] y
:: 正在获取软件包......

After installation you should be able to access files and sites with Chinese and other fonts in their tile. For me, it was SM Player.